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Pitching Requirements

Skilled Wordsmith and Bourbon Enthusiast?

We’re looking for writers who are skilled with a quill and words — and enjoy drinking bourbon. Make the Bard proud!

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Preference for content over 1,000 words.

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About The Bard

Bourbon is Living Life, Enjoying the Moment with Friends and Family, Good Food, and Good Stories

Matty Sims is the Editor-in-Chief at a multimedia company in the financial service, insurance, and health industry — who happens to love bourbon.

LeAnn (his wife) and his daughters Claire, Maddy, and Adele live in Taylors, SC, at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

He is a storyteller at heart, and bourbon has deep roots in mythos. It keeps him craving new and old stories—whether a taste of something new or fellowship with friends.

You just can't beat opening a new bourbon with friends knowing all the love, hard work, and care it took to create it.

He loves bourbon because it's connected with a whole world of people who would've never met otherwise.

That's what I want The Bourbon Bard to be about — a community gathering together around bourbon sharing in all the ups and downs of life. So join my journey.