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Michter*s Small Batch Toasted Stave Project (ft. Beyond Barrels)

I'm always interested in innovation with bourbon when it results in product that's good to drink. First, let me tell you the wrong way to do it: cheap, small barrels. Most of the time these barrels don't state the quality of the wood (hint: because it's poor — see the...

Bonded Beam 1963 Decanter Tasting [Review]

Whiskey has seen several rise and falls. World War II causes a dip in whiskey production and therefore sales and in the 70s whiskey took a hit as Vodka started to boom and people preferred lighter spirits. Beam survived each dip but...

Jim Beam Distillery [The Complete Guide]

There is no way I could cover everything there is to say about Jim Beam at one time, so my plan is to continually update this page as time permits for me to research and write more. Jim Beam is a historic brand of bourbon whiskey headquartered in Clermont, KY. Owned...

Baker’s 13 Year Old Single Barrel Tasting [Review]

This is the first ever limited release for Jim Beam's Baker's Bourbon brand. It will be followed by a standard release Baker's bourbon single barrel that will retail at $70 and be a minimum of 7 years old. "Baker's Bourbon has always been a bit of a hidden gem of our...

Little Book Tasting [Review]

Little Book is an annual, limited release from Jim Bean and is a blended American whiskey. Each blend is hand selected by Freddie Noe, son to the current Master Distiller at Beam (Fred Noe) and is uncut and unfiltered. Many blended whiskey will use neutral spirits but...
119+ Funny Bourbon Memes (The Complete List)

119+ Funny Bourbon Memes (The Complete List)

Let's be honest — who doesn't love a good meme? Well we've got you covered with some of the funniest bourbon memes out there. And there is more to come. We'll keep this post updated as more funny stuff comes along. Right-click an image to save and share with friends...

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Booker’s Small Batch Bourbon [The Complete Guide]

Booker’s Small Batch Bourbon [The Complete Guide]

Booker's bourbon is a barrel strength bourbon in the Jim Beam collection. It is uncut and unfiltered. It's generally aged 6 to 8 years with a proof upwards of 121. The brand was started by Booker Noe, the late distiller emeritus, who would often choose the best...

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Bourbon Whiskey Tastings

We've all stood in the liquor store aisle staring at the shelf wondering what to buy. Read our tasting reviews and stare no more

Widow Jane Barrel Picks Tasting [Review]

Widow Jane Barrel Picks Tasting [Review]

Widow Jane was founded in 2012 by Daniel Prieto Preston (owner of Cacao Prieto) in Redhook, Brooklyn, and started off by hand picking barrels from producing distilleries. But what I love is they are also distilling their own whiskey. Widow Jane explains: We also...

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon (2019) Tasting [Review]

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon (2019) Tasting [Review]

Birthday Bourbon is the annual release from Old Forester and celebrates the birthday of their founder George Garvin Brown on Sept 2nd every year. “September is a special month for us at Old Forester." Campbell Brown, Old Forester President. "We get to mark, in a...

Booker’s 2015-01: Big Man, Small Batch Tasting [Review]

Booker’s 2015-01: Big Man, Small Batch Tasting [Review]

My collection of Booker’s now starts with this crown jewel — Big Man, Small Batch 2015-01.What I love about these old Booker’s is the way the wax is brittle. You can’t replicate that. The wax on newer batches peals away without...

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