Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee – Whole Bean Coffee, Brazil Single Origin by Oak & Bond Coffee Co.


About the product

✔️ TASTE PROFILE: The Rich Chocolate, Caramel, and Mandarin Orange flavors of our Brazil Single Origin Coffee are combined with the Sweet Bourbon and Oak flavors extracted from the once used Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Barrel. This sweet and smooth taste profile is one which we know you will enjoy.
✔️ SINGLE ORIGIN COFFEE: Our 100 % Arabica, Brazil Single Origin coffee beans have been sourced from a small family farm in the Southeast region of Brazil. Coffee has been grown professionally at this farm for generations, which is evident in high quality taste and high rating of our Oak & Bond coffee.
✔️ BOURBON BARREL: All of the Kentucky Bourbon Barrels we age our coffee beans in have been hand selected from the finest distilleries in the Kentucky blue grass state.
✔️ ROAST LEVEL: Our Bourbon Barrel Aged coffee line is expertly roasted to a Medium roast level to accentuate the chocolate and caramel flavors in the Brazil Single Origin Coffee beans.
✔️ FRESHNESS: Our Bourbon Barrel Aged coffee is first packaged in a gold stamped Valve coffee bag to ensure absolute freshness in every bag.



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