Michter's US*1 Toasted Barrel Bourbon

Michter’s US*1 Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon Tasting [Review]

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ProductionSmall batch. Limited quantities.
AgeNon Age Stated (NAS)
First BarrelFire-charred, new American white oak barrels
Second BarrelToasted barrel made from 18-month air-dried wood
Price$49.99 (more than likely higher because of limited availability)
ProsComplex and Surprising
ConsTad Thin
InventoryLimited — Buy for Less than $80

Michter’s released its first Toasted Barrel Bourbon in 2015 but it’s been MIA since then, although Michter’s has released a Toasted Barrel Rye in the meantime. This departure is mainly because of the bourbon shortage.

Joseph J. Magliocco, Michter’s President, explained Toasted Barrel Bourbon’s absence:

“We need to allocate our whiskeys because we just don’t have enough to meet demand. Because of the goods situation we debated whether to do this release. In the end we made the decision to make some Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon for our loyal customers who have been clamoring for it.”

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Michter’s Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon Tasting Notes

The flavor profile is different than your standard Michter’s Bourbon. It’s unique because of the toast finish.Michter’s second barreling is different than say Old Forester’s 1910 or Woodford’s Double Oaked. This is a toasting and not char. The char develops burnt caramel, sassafras, and oak notes whereas the toasting highlights vanilla and baking spices.

In the Glass

It’s not a thick oily bourbon (check out this great read what makes a bourbon oily). It’s got short stubby legs in the glass.


Copper, Orange. Think the bright colors of fall.


Olive Oil Cake, freshly kneaded dough, tart cherry pastry, fresh wood. Reminds me of a kitchen full of freshly baked pies on the Fourth of July.


What’s suprising about the taste is the spice. I get little if any spice on the nose but the first flavor that hits the top of the tongue is peppercorn spice.

Mid palate you got a pop of those baked cherry pies and butterscotch with cinnamon and light smokiness which gives way quickly to oak, white pepper.

Baking spices dance along the top of the palate through back of the throat. The yeast/bread slithers down the side of the palate as the unifiying flavor note.

It’s refreshing and clean.


The finish hits the top of the throat and lingers with a pop of sweet and abundant spice.

Verdict: The Bourbon Bard Silver (88 Rating)

For those who love a bourbon that’s a bit quirky but full of complex, confusing flavors Michter’s Toasted Barrel Bourbon is a can’t-miss hit. If you’re not an adventurous bourbon enthusiast, leave it for next person.

Sneak Peek

Michters Small Batch Bourbon Batched and with Toasted Staves

A buddy from a local bourbon group and I have located five bottles of Michter’s bourbon. He’s a science nerd when it comes to distilling and sells staves at five toast levels (check out Beyond Barrels to buy your staves). Our plan is to use all five toasted staves with a Michter’s bourbon to try to recreate their Toasted Barrel Bourbon.

Results of that will follow in a future post. It should be fun.

Leave me your tasting notes in the comments below.

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