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Mic.Drop. 3.0 Tasting [Review]

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DistilledMGP Lawrenceburg, IN (May 23, 2015)
BottledStrong Spirits Bardstown, KY (July 2019)
ProductionSmall Batch #12E23-E05 (37 Barrels)
Age4 Years
Mash60% corn, 36% rye, 4% barley malt
CooperageZak Cooperage
ProsPrice & Nose
ConsLacks Balance on Palate
InventoryTry at Bar But Don't Shy Away from Future Releases

Mic.Drop. is a sourced bourbon whiskey from PM Spirits. The founder Nicolas Palazzi has history with spirits as his family made wine and cognac in the legendary Bordeaux region in France.

Nicolas says,

“I loved it, but it was just seen as a normal part of country life. My parents encouraged me to go to engineering school, and I was good at it, so I listened. It took me a full six years after graduating to realize just how much I hated it.”

He ended up quitting his job and earned his reputation through Cognac in NYC. He quickly garnered a reputation for “taste and integrity.”

Enter Mic Drop whiskey as he portfolio of spirits grew from Cognac to Brandy and Mezcal and now straight bourbon whiskey.

I love that they pride themselves on transparency:

“This is why we decided to keep the label as real and transparent as possible. All the facts (who, what, where, how old) are printed right on the front of the bottle. No BS, no fake spin. It’s our way of saying we know our shit is tight (*drops mic, walks away).”

All their releases to this point have come from MGP and reflect that on their labeling:

“PM should associate itself only with booze we stand behind, things we feel tastes really good, things we can explain the reasoning behind us having picked this juice. Things about which we can give the full story.”

This is also reflected in how easy it was to find information on the owner, company, and all of their brands. There was a lot of fluff to cut through to find the truth.

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Mic.Drop. 3.0 Tasting Guide (PM Spirits)


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This is the third release of Mic.Drop. It’s $60 which is a great price for a craft whiskey (many of which often come in over $100).

The mash bill is 60% corn, 36% rye, and 4% malted barley, so nothing crazy there. It’s hand picked from MGP in Indiana and bottled in Bardstown.

According to PM Spirits, the 36% was a departure from previous release and was chosen because the bourbon was younger in this release.

I love a good bottle design, so it’s worth mentioning that the labeling and bottling is gorgeous. For me, that shows they care what’s inside the bottle. The label sports a hand drawn American hero from an immigrant’s point of view.

Plus I really dig the glass stopper. Elegant for a bourbon whiskey bottle.


Light colored. It’s got that fresh pressed apple cider look. Oily.


Bitter orange peel. Creamsicle. And what I can only call a funk.

Totally threw me for a loop but it kinda grows on you.


Szechuan peppercorn in front. Blooms into bitter citrus peel and potpourri. Baking spice through back of throat.


Medium with spice and potpourri

Verdict – The Bourbon Bard Bronze (78)

The Bourbon Bard Bronze 300px

For $60, the value is great for a hand picked MGP bourbon. I’m wondering if this whiskey might not have faired better with more time in a barrel.

But sadly I don’t love this. I don’t mind bitter citrus on the palate. That can actually be a pleasant bit of complexity when balanced with other flavors.

That’s the rub. For my palate this bourbon whiskey lacked balance to effectively highlight the citrus peel flavor profile.

I’ve mentioned my Michter’s stave project previously. I’m tempted to try a stave in this Mic.Drop. 3.0 to see if I can develop additional complexity and balance.

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