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Kentucky Distilleries DSPs (Distilled Spirits Plants)

Last updated Jan 13, 2021


by Matty Sims

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Kentucky Distilleries DSPs can be tricky to understand but once explained are simple to grasp. Distilled Spirits Producer (DSP) Numbers were created by the federal government for tax purposes. Michael Veach, the renowned bourbon historian, says:

When Lincoln brought back the excise tax on distilled spirits to pay for the America [sic] Civil War, the government also created bonded warehouses. Bonded warehouses came about because the whiskey being produced had become an aged spirit and taxing spirits as it came off the still was unfair to whiskey distillers who aged their products. If the spirits were taxed right off the still, the distillers would be taxed for spirits that soaked into the barrel and evaporated into the air while aging in the barrel.

Taxed on spirits they could never sell, the solution was the creation of warehouses under government supervision, where the distiller could place the barrels of maturing whiskey for a set period of time before the taxes had to be paid. With the creation of these warehouses, the government created a system of registering Distilled Spirits Producers (DSP). The government broke each State into tax districts and then registered the distilleries in each district.

Check out that article for a more detailed breakdown of all the complexities of DSPs and, for instance, why some distilleries might have two.


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Pre-Prohibition Kentucky Distilleries DSPs

Kentucky Distilleries DSPs - The Old Taylor Distillery

Pre-Prohibition KY Distilleries DSPs
Tax DistrictsDSPsDistillery
District 2DSP-KY-2Daviess Couty Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-3J.W.M. Field
DSP-KY-6Union County Distillery Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-8Eagle Distillery Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-9Green River Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-11Jno. Hanning Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-13M.P. Mattingly Distillery
DSP-KY-18Rock Spring Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-19Winstead Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-24Glenmore Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-34Old Tarrell Distillery
DSP-KY-50Henry Kraver Distillery
District 5DSP-KY-1Ferdinand Westheimer & Sons Distillery
DSP-KY-2G. Mattingly Distillery
DSP-KY-4Buchanan – Anderson – Nelson County Distillers Distillery
DSP-KY-6Bonnie Bros. Distillery
DSP-KY-7Freidmann Kellar & Co. \ Early Times Distillery
DSP-KY-8Jno. G. Roach Distillery
DSP-KY-10Willow Springs Distillery
DSP-KY-11Sachs & Sons \ Old Saxon Distillery Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-12Crystal Springs Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-14Brown-Forman Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-15Vancleave & Hardesty Distillery
DSP-KY-17Stitzel Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-19E. Wathen & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-29Pleasure Ridge Park Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-34Mellwood Distillery
DSP-KY-47F.M. Head / Parker Orene & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-50B.G. Redmon Distillery
DSP-KY-60Boone & Spaulding Distillery
DSP-KY-87Atherton Distillery
DSP-KY-97Buchanan – Anderson – Nelson County Distillery
DSP-KY-106Glencoe Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-107Eminence Distillery
DSP-KY-110Kentucky Criterion Distillery
DSP-KY-111McKenna Distillery
DSP-KY-145T.W. Samuels Distillery
DSP-KY-146E.L Miles & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-168Henry Sutherland Distillery
DSP-KY-169Dant Distillery Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-170Moore Jesse Hut Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-174Smith & Smith Distillery
DSP-KY-229Mayfield Distillery
DSP-KY-230Clear Springs Distillery
DSP-KY-239Greenbrier Distillery
DSP-KY-240Taylor & Williams Distillery
DSP-KY-241W.B. Samuels & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-266Wright & Taylor \ Old Charter Distillery
DSP-KY-270Mueller Wathen & Kobert Distillery
DSP-KY-271Belle of Nelson Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-272Mattingly & Moore Distillery
DSP-KY-294Coon Hollow Distillery
DSP-KY-297Sunny Brook Distillery
DSP-KY-299Mueller Wathen & Kobert Distillery
DSP-KY-329H. Head Distilling Co. Distery
DSP-KY-354Old Kentucky Distillery Inc. Distillery
DSP-KY-355Tom Moore Distillery
DSP-KY-357Cummins & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-360Rugby Distillery Co. Distillers
DSP-KY-363B. Wathen & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-364Max Selliger & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-368Elk Run Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-370Boldrick-Callaghan Distillery
DSP-KY-371Nathan M. Uri & Co. \ International Distillery
DSP-KY-372G.R. Sharpe Distillery
DSP-KY-379Big Spring Distillery
DSP-KY-401Grabfelder & Co. \ Murphy Barber & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-405M.C. Beam & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-409Ferncliff Distillery Co. Distillery
DSP -KY-410Ehrmann Hillmar & Co. / F.G. Walker Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-412Max Selliger & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-414White Mills Distillery
DSP-KY-415S.P. Lancaster Distillery
DSP-KY-420Old Grand Dad Distillery Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-422Thixton Millett & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-440Burks Spring Distillery
DSP-KY-442McClaskey & Son Distillery
DSP-KY-470Lynndale Distillery
District 6DSP-KY-2Latonia Distillery
DSP-KY-3Thorne Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-4Darling Distillery
DSP-KY-5Jett Bros. Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-6C.B Cook Distillery
DSP-KY-8Boone County Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-9Kellar Distillery
DSP-KY-10Wiglesworth Bros. Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-11New England Distillery
DSP-KY-14Old Tub Fowler Distilling Co.
DSP-KY-16Hayes Valley Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-19Old Lewis Hunter Distillery
DSP-KY-22Myers & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-33Old ’76 Distillery Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-35F.S. Ashbrook Distillery
DSP-KY-63Susquemac Distilling Co. Distillery
District 7DSP-KY-1Stoll & Co. \ Old Tarr Distillery
DSP-KY-2George T. Stagg Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-3E. Pogue Distillery Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-4A. Gaines & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-5James E. Pepper & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-6Poyntz Bros. Distillery
DSP-KY-9J. Greenbaum Distillery
DSP-KY-10Peacock Distillery Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-11Old Judge Distillery
DSP-KY-12Old Elk Distillery
DSP-KY-14Chickencock Distillery
DSP-KY-17Old McBrayer Distillery / Associated Distillers of Kentucky Distillery
DSP-KY-24J.H. Rogers & Co. Limestone Distillery
DSP-KY-32John T. Barbee & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-33Frankfort Distillery Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-37Spring Hill Distillery
DSP-KY-46Old Clay Distillery \ James E. Pepper & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-50W.J. Frazier Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-52Labrot & Graham Distillery
DSP-KY-53E.H. Taylor & Sons Distillery
DSP-KY-77Paris Distillery
DSP-KY-91Cedar Run Distillery
DSP-KY-96J.N. Blakemore Distillery
DSP-KY-106W.A. Gaines & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-113George T. Stagg Co. Distillery
District 8DSP-KY-1Burnam Bennett & Co. \ Bernheim Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-2J.T.S. Brown & Sons Distillery
DSP-KY-3Curley Company Inc. \ Blue Grass Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-15Curley Company Inc. \ Boone Knoll Distillery
DSP-KY-16C.M. Dedman Distillery
DSP-KY-41John Dowling & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-44Cedar Brook Distillery
DSP-KY-45Wiley Searcy Distillery
DSP-KY-63Old Jordan Distillery
DSP-KY-76Paxton Bros. & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-81Yates – Smith Co. \ Crab Orchard Distillery
DSP-KY-86Old Lexington Club Distilleries Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-112B. Ripy Distillery
DSP-KY-118Vanarsdale Distillery
DSP-KY-134Jno. E. Day Distillery
DSP-KY-148Dowling Bros. Distillery
DSP-KY-274Bond & Lillard Distillery
DSP-KY-400Ed Murphy & Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-406Hoffman Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-418Anderson County Distilling Co. Distillery
DSP-KY-541W.S. Hume Distillery
DSP-KY-554Pilgrimage Distillery
Source: Mida’s Criteria Financial Index Directory of Wholesale Distillers Importers and Wine Growers 1909 and Michael Veach https://bourbonveach.com/kentucky-dsp-numbers/

Modern Kentucky Distilleries DSPs

Buffalo Trace Distillery

Modern KY Distilleries DSPs
DSP KY-1Heaven Hill Bernheim (Formerly Beargrass), A.K.A. "New Bernheim"Louisville, KY
DSP KY-2Bernheim, J.G. MattinglyLouisville, KY
DSP KY-3Old PogueMaysville, KY
DSP KY-4HermitageFrankfort, KY
DSP KY-5/297Sunny BrookLouisville, KY
DSP KY-7Early Times Distillery CoPaducah, KY
DSP KY-8Four Roses (formerly Old Log Cabin)Lawrenceburg, KY
DSP KY-9BernheimLouisville, KY
DSP KY-10MedleyOwensboro, KY
DSP KY-11Boone BrosBardstown, KY
DSP KY-12Barton(Tom Moore)Bardstown, KY
DSP KY-14Old Grand-DadFrankfort, KY
DSP KY-15C.L. ApplegateBardstown, KY
DSP KY-16Stitzel-Weller (Diageo)Shively/Louisville, KY
DSP KY-17M.V. MonarchOwensboro, KY
DSP KY-18Rock Springs Distilling (Defunct)Owensboro, KY
DSP KY-18Castle & KeyFrankfort, KY
DSP KY-19Old Taylor (defunct)Frankfort, KY
DSP KY-20SeagramAthertonville, KY
DSP KY-24GlenmoreOwensboro, KY
DSP KY-25Old CrowFrankfort, KY
DSP KY-31Heaven HillBardstown, KY
DSP KY-34MellwoodLouisville, KY
DSP KY-35Old JoeLawrenceburg, KY
DSP KY-37J. KesslerLouisville, KY
DSP KY-39J.P.DantLouisville, KY
DSP KY-44/440Maker's MarkLoretto, KY
DSP KY-45Kentucky RiverCampNelson, KY
DSP KY-47Orene ParkerGethsemane, KY
DSP KY-49MedleyOwensboro, KY
DSP KY-50Peerless (Formerly Henderson)Louisville, KY
DSP KY-52Woodford ReserveVersailles, KY
DSP KY-63John B. ThompsonHarrodsburg, KY
DSP KY-67Wild TurkeyLawrenceburg, KY
DSP KY-71Wild TurkeyLawrenceburg, KY
DSP KY-78WillettBardstown, KY
DSP KY-97Anderson DistillingNewport, KY
DSP KY-112Old CommonwealthLawrenceburg, KY
DSP KY-113Buffalo TraceFrankfort, KY
DSP KY-145T.W.SamuelsDeatsville, KY
DSP KY-230Jim BeamClermont, KY
DSP KY-240Taylor & WilliamsGethsemane, KY
DSP KY-354Early TimesLouisville, KY
DSP KY-368American Medicinal SpiritsLouisville, KY
DSP KY-414Brown-FormanShively/Louisville, KY
DSP KY-418T. B. RipyLawrenceburg, KY
DSP KY-422Old BooneBardstown, KY
DSP KY-20003Michter'sShively/Louisville, KY
DSP KY-20022Angel's Envy (Louisville Distilling Co.)Louisville, KY
DSP KY-20026BulleitShelbyville, KY
D.S.P. KY-20037Bardstown Bourbon CompanyBardstown, KY
D.S.P. KY-20016New Riff DistillingNewport, KY
D.S.P. KY-20014Copper & Kings, ButchertownLouisville, KY
D.S.P. KY-20003Michters DistilleryLouisville, KY
D.S.P. KY-24Glenmore Distillery (Sazerac)Owensboro, KY
D.S.P. KY-15004Alltech’s Lexington Distilling CoTown Branch, Lexington, KY
D.S.P. KY-15005Barrel House Distilling CompanyLexington, KY
D.S.P. KY-15006CorsairBowling Green, KY
D.S.P. KY-15007Strong SpiritsBardstown, KY
D.S.P. KY-15010M.B. RolandPembroke, KY
D.S.P. KY-15014Limestone Branch DistilleryLebanon, KY
D.S.P. KY-S-20062Brough Brothers DistilleryLouisville, KY
DSP-KY-15007Backbone Bourbon Co.

Frequently Asked Questions About KY DSPs

What is a distilled spirits plant?

According to the TTB,

A distilled spirits plant (DSP) may be established to produce, bottle, rectify, process or store beverage spirits. Examples of beverage distilled spirits include neutral spirits or alcohol (i.e. vodka or grain spirits), whiskey, gin, brandy, blended applejack, rum, Tequila, cordials and liqueurs.

What is a DSP number?

Each state is broken up into districts for tax purposes and distilleries are registered to produce, bottle, rectify, process, or store spirits in those districts. The DPS number is for tax purposes.

How much is a federal distilled spirits permit?

The permit fee is different in each state and there may also be an application fee. For instance, the application fee in VA is a non-refundable $195. Here’s the DSP application form.

Can you distill spirits for personal use?

Home distilling is currently illegal. Here are the consequences if you get caught according to the TTB:

Within title 26 of the United States Code, section 5601 sets out criminal penalties for activities including the following. Offenses under this section are felonies that are punishable by up to 5 years in prison, a fine of up to $10,000, or both, for each offense.

  • 5601(a)(1) – Possession of an unregistered still.
  • 5601(a)(2) – Engaging in business as a distiller without filing an application and receiving notice of registration.
  • 5601(a)(6) – Distilling on a prohibited premises. (Under 26 U.S.C. 5178(a)(1)(B), a distilled spirits plant may not be located in a residence or in sheds,
  • yards, or enclosures connected to a residence.)
  • 5601(a)(7) – Unlawful production or use of material fit for [the] production of distilled spirits.
  • 5601(a)(8) – Unlawful production of distilled spirits.
  • 5601(a)(11) – Purchase, receipt, and/or processing of distilled spirits when the person who does so knows or has reasonable grounds to believe that Federal excise tax has not been paid on the spirits.
  • 5601(a)(12) – Removal or concealment of distilled spirits on which tax has not been paid.

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