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KY Bourbon Trail COVID-19 Updates

Nov 6, 2020

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We’ve got your KY Bourbon Trail COVID-19 updates. Not all bourbon distilleries in KY are reopened for bourbon trail tours, and not all KY distilleries are on the official bourbon trail. Before you plan your trip, check out the information below and contact the bourbon distilleries you plan on visiting.

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KY Bourbon Trail COVID-19 Updates

KY Bourbon Trail COVID-19

KY Bourbon Trail COVID-19 Updates Jan 7, 2021
KY Bourbon TrailCityWebsiteToursVisitor Center OpenReopening TimelineCurbside SalesCurbside Contact
Angel’s EnvyLouisvillehttps://www.angelsenvy.com/distillery/visityesOpenyes502-890-6300
Bardstown Bourbon CompanyBardstownhttps://www.bardstownbourbon.com/experienceyesOpenno
Bulleit Distilling Co.Shelbyvillehttps://www.bulleit.com/visit-us/bulleit-distilling-coyesOpenno
Evan Williams Bourbon ExperienceLouisvillehttps://www.evanwilliams.com/plan-your-tripyesOpenno
Four Roses DistilleryLawrenceburghttps://www.fourrosesbourbon.com/visityesOpenyes502-839-2655
Four Roses Warehouse & Bottling FacilityCox’s Creekhttps://www.fourrosesbourbon.com/visityesOpenyes502-543-2264
Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage CenterBardstownhttps://www.heavenhilldistillery.com/visit-us.phpyesOpenno
Jim Beam American StillhouseClermonthttps://www.jimbeam.com/en/visit-us/american-stillhouseNo ToursClosedSpring 2021no
Jim Beam Urban StillhouseLouisvilleClosed PermanentlyClosed Permanentlyno
Lux Row DistillersBardstownhttps://www.luxrowdistillers.com/visit-usyesOpenno
Maker’s Mark DistilleryLorettohttps://www.makersmark.com/toursyesOpenno
Michter’s DistilleryLouisvillehttps://www.michters.com/fortnelsonNo ToursCloseduntil further noticeno
Old Forester Distilling Co.Louisvillehttps://www.oldforester.com/book-a-tourNo ToursCloseduntil further noticeno
O.Z. Tyler DistilleryOwensborohttps://www.oztylerdistillery.com/locations-and-directionsyesOpenReopened July 1, 2020no
Rabbit Hole DistilleryLouisvillehttps://www.rabbitholedistillery.com/toursNo ToursCloseduntil further noticeno
Stitzel-Weller DistilleryLouisvillehttps://www.bulleit.com/visit-us/stitzel-weller-distilleryyesOpenReopened July 3, 2020no
Town & Branch: Lexington Brewing & Distilling CompanyLexingtonhttps://www.lexingtonbrewingco.com/tourNo ToursCloseduntil further noticeyes859-255-2337
Town & Branch: Dueling Barrels Brewery & DistilleryPikevillehttps://www.duelingbarrels.com/touryesOpenTours now availableno
Wilderness Trail DistilleryDanvillehttps://www.wildernesstraildistillery.com/toursyesOpenno
Wild Turkey DistilleryLawrenceburghttps://www.wildturkeybourbon.com/visit-usyesOpenno
Woodford Reserve DistilleryVersailleshttps://www.woodfordreserve.com/our-distillery/tour-our-distilleryNo ToursOpenno
Barrel House Distilling Co.Lexingtonhttps://www.barrelhousedistillery.com/the-distillery-experienceyesOpenno
Bluegrass DistillersLexingtonhttps://www.bluegrassdistillers.com/toursyesOpenno
Boone County Distilling Co.Boone Countyhttps://www.boonedistilling.com/book-a-touryesOpenno
Boundary Oak DistilleryRadcliffhttps://www.boundaryoakdistillery.comyesOpenno
Casey Jones DistilleryHopkinsvillehttps://www.caseyjonesdistillery.com/covid19yesOpenno
Dueling Grounds DistilleryFranklinhttps://www.duelinggroundsdistillery.com/homeyesOpenyes
Hartfield & Co.Parishttps://www.hartfieldandcompany.com/hartfield-toursNo ToursClosedno
James E. Pepper DistilleryLexingtonhttps://www.jamesepepper.com/toursyesOpenno
Jeptha Creed DistilleryShelbyvillehttps://www.jepthacreed.com/tours-and-tastingsLimited CapacityOpenno
Kentucky Artisan DistilleryCrestwoodhttps://www.kentuckyartisandistillery.com/toursyesOpenno
Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co.Louisvillehttps://www.kentuckypeerless.com/distillery-tour-louisville-kentuckyLimited Tours and Tasting Experiences Openyes502-566-4999
Limestone Branch DistilleryLebanonhttps://www.limestonebranch.com/distilleryyesOpenReopened July 26, 2020yes270-699-9004.
MB Roland DistilleryPembrokehttps://www.mbroland.com/tours-tastingsyesOpenno
Neeley Family DistillerySpartahttps://www.neeleyfamilydistillery.comyesOpenyes859-394-3258
New Riff DistilleryNewporthttps://www.newriffdistilling.com/experience/touryesOpenno
The Old Pogue DistilleryMaysvillehttps://www.oldpogue.com/toursNo ToursOpenOutdoor Visits and Tastings Availableno
Preservation DistilleryBardstownhttps://www.preservationdistillery.comyesOpenno
Second Sight SpiritsLudlowhttps://www.secondsightspirits.comyesOpenno
Willett DistilleryBardstownhttps://www.kentuckybourbonwhiskey.com/visit-willett-distilleryyesOpenOutdoor Guided Walking Toursno

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