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Jim Beam Brands (Complete Guide)

Oct 19, 2019

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There is no way I could cover everything there is to say about Jim Beam brands at one time, so my plan is to continually update this page as time permits for me to research and write more.

Jim Beam is a historic brand of bourbon whiskey headquartered in Clermont, KY. Owned by Beam Suntory, a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings of Osaka, Japan. The Beam family started making whiskey in 1795 but was interrupted by Prohibition.

The Beam Family Legacy

Seven Beams have continued the legacy as master distillers of the brand including:

  • Johannes “Jacob” Beam (1760–1834)
  • David Beam (1802–1854)
  • James Beauregard Beam (1864–1947)
  • T. Jeremiah Beam (1899–1977)
  • Booker Noe (Frederick Booker Noe II, 1929–2004)
  • Fred Noe (Frederick Booker Noe III, 1957–)

The Beams have their family roots in other distilleries as well like Heaven Hill (whose had Beam’s distilling their whiskeys since its inception) and Limestone Branch Distillery (which was founded and is currently run by Beams).

Retired Master Distiller Jerry Dalton (1998–2007) was the only Master Distiller not part of the Beam family to be a master distillery and when he retired a Beam took back over.

For more about the Beam and Noe family history check out this video with Fred and Freddie below:

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The Jim Beam Brands

Jim Beam Brands

Jim Beam (Beam Suntory), Clermont & Boston, KY
Straight Bourbon WhiskeyPremium WhiskeysWhite whiskeyLiqueursSmall BatchSingle BarrelsThe OldsMaker'sOther Whiskeys
White Label (the flagship whiskey) Jim Beam Original (4 years, 80 proof)Jim Beam Signature Craft bourbon whiskey (12 years, 86 proof)Jacob's GhostRed Stag black cherry bourbon liqueurBooker's Small BatchBaker's: aged 7 years, 107 proof (53.5% ABV)Overholt Rye WhiskeyMaker's Wheated BourbonOld Crow
Black Label Jim Beam Black (extra aged, NAS, 86 proof)Jim Beam Signature Craft Quarter Cask BourbonJim Beam AppleBasil Hayden's ("high-rye" mash bill)Jim Beam Single Barrel – 95 proof[17]Old Grand-Dad 114Maker's 46
Jim Beam Devil's Cut (6 years, bourbon extracted from the barrel's wood after emptying, 90 proof)Jim Beam Harvest Collection (Limited Release)Jim Beam HoneyKnob Creek Small BatchKnob Creek BourbonOld Grand-Dad BondedMaker's Cask Strength
Jim Beam Bonded (4 years, 100 proof, bottled in bond)Jim Beam Distiller's Masterpiece (Pedro Ximénez Sherry Casks Finished)Jim Beam Kentucky FireKnob Creek RyeOld Grand-DadMaker's Private Select
Jim Beam Double OakStraight Rye WhiskeyJim Beam MapleMaker's Finish Stave Series
Jim Beam Distiller's CutJim Beam RyeJim Beam Red StagMaker's Mark Seared Blu 1-3 (Limited Release, KY Only)
Little BookJim Beam VanillaMaker's 101
Baker's 13 Year Single Barrel (Limited Release)Jim Beam Peach

Reviews of Jim Beam Whiskeys

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Basil Hayden's bourbon is the same mashbill as Old Grand-Dad which is fitting as Hayden is the Grand-Dad emblazoned on the label. The mashbill is high rye at 27% followed by 63% corn and 10% malted barley. What are the differences between OGD and BH? Old Grand-Dad...

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Old Overholt Rye Whiskey is a historic brand. It was one of the first premium brand names in American whiskey and drank by the likes of Ulysses S. Grant and John Henry “Doc” Holliday. It also harkens back to the Old Monongahela style of rye whiskey (also known as,...

Old Tub Bottled in Bond Bourbon Review

You might be asking, "Who makes Old Tub Bottled in Bond Bourbon?" Old Tub is made by Jim Beam. Old Tub was the name the Beam family used for its whiskey from 1880 to 1943 when it was renamed Jim Beam. It was named after the old wooden tubs where the mash was cooked....

Every Old Grand-Dad Bourbon Reviewed [2021]

Old Grand-Dad Bourbon is made by Jim Beam Distillery, but it has a long history before Beam acquired it. In the mid-1800s, Raymond B. Hayden created the brand in honor of his grandfather Meredith Basil Hayden Sr. You may recognize that name because Basil Hayden is...

Maker’s Mark Private Select Reviews [2021]

Maker's Mark Private Select has transformed Maker's bourbon lineup. For many years, Maker’s only offered one product — Maker’s Mark bottled at 90 proof. That’s changed in recent years although they still use their historic mashbill for all new products which include...

Every Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series Reviewed [2021]

Maker's Mark Wood Finishing Series is a result of the success of Maker's Mark 46 — a bourbon finished with French oak staves. Maker's went decades without any line expansions until Maker's 46 took off. The beauty of stave finishing is it allows Maker's to continue...

Booker’s Bourbon Batches 2015 Ranked

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Booker's Bourbon Batches 2017 were solid from top to bottom. Overall, 2015 to 2017 were the best three consecutive years of Booker's batches. Tommy's Batch and Sip Awhile could've gone either way but I went with Tommy's because it's less hot out of the bottle and more...

Booker’s Bourbon Batches 2018 Ranked

The Booker's Bourbon Batches 2018 were the 2014 Detroit Pistons of Booker's releases. Solid team and taken together championship level. The sum was better than the parts though. Does that even make sense with bourbon? I think so. If my analogy stands, Booker's 30th...

Booker’s Bourbon Batches 2020 Ranked

Booker's Bourbon Batches 2020 were a mixed bag for me — which is unusual. Now I will readily admit with Booker's Bourbon 2020-01 Granny's Batch it just wasn't my preferred flavor profile. It was all peanut butter brittle, a note I get with Jim Beam White that I don't...

Booker’s Bourbon Batches 2019 Ranked

Booker's Bourbon Batches 2019 were solid from start to finish. I enjoyed each and every one of these and none of them disappointed me. 2019-03 Country Ham was truly something special — one of my top 10 Booker's bourbon batches. ...

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Every Jim Beam Bourbon Reviewed [2021]

I've decided to spend the next month or so on the bottom shelf of the bourbon dial to truly find out which bottom shelf bourbon is better. Why not start with the OG of the bottom shelf? Jim Beam bourbon or as some people call it Jim Beam White Label. Master of Malt...

Booker’s C-J-06-86 Review (Dusty)

Booker’s Bourbon Batches from 1979 to 2007 had markings on the label for the barreled date. Starting in 2013 the Booker’s Bourbon Batches displayed the dump date, so Booker’s C-J-06-86 was barreled in October 6, 1986 and dumped in October 6, 1993. It is the 11th...

Bonded Beam 1963 Decanter Review (Complete Guide)

Whiskey has seen several rise and falls. World War II causes a dip in whiskey production and therefore sales and in the 70s whiskey took a hit as Vodka started to boom and people preferred lighter spirits. These Bonded Beam 1963...

Jim Beam Brands (Complete Guide)

There is no way I could cover everything there is to say about Jim Beam brands at one time, so my plan is to continually update this page as time permits for me to research and write more. Jim Beam is a historic brand of bourbon whiskey headquartered in Clermont, KY....

Every Baker’s Single Barrel Bourbon Reviewed [2021]

Baker's Single Barrel Bourbon was originally a small batch bourbon from Jim Beam. They kicked off the transition to a single barrel bourbon with a 13-year-old limited release bourbon. The standard Baker's Single Barrel Bourbon releases are a minimum of 7 years old....

Every Little Book Whiskey Reviewed [2021]

Little Book Whiskey is an annual, limited release from Jim Beam and is blended by Freddie Noe, grandson of Booker Noe and son of Freddie Noe, current Master Distiller at Beam. This blended whiskey is uncut and unfiltered. Many blended whiskeys will use neutral spirits...

Booker’s Bourbon Batches | List of Booker’s Batches

Booker's bourbon batches are a barrel strength bourbon made by the Jim Beam distillery. It is uncut and unfiltered. It's generally aged 6 to 8 years with a proof upwards of 121. This is Booker Noe's bourbon, the famous master distiller of Jim Beam in the 80s. The...

Jim Beam Distillery Production

BrandMash BillOff the StillBarreled
Jim Beam75/13/12135125
Knob Creek75/13/12130125
Old Grand Dad63/27/10127125
Basil Hayden63/27/10120125

Touring Jim Beam

You can take tours at the original distillery in Clermont, KY or at the new Urban Stillhouse in Louisville, KY

Clermont, KY American Stillhouse

Louisville, KY Urban Stillhouse

Stay on Property in Clermont, KY

Jim Beam AirBNB Listing

According to the listing on Airbnb:

If you’ve ever wanted to stay on the grounds of a historic American distillery surrounded by delicious bourbon and gorgeous scenery, you’re in luck. For the first time, we’re opening the Jim Beam American Stillhouse cottage for you to rent, so you can live like one of the seven generations of Master Distillers and sleep in a historic and charming Kentucky house on the distillery grounds.

The space

Built in 1919, this cozy house was originally purchased for the water rights on land as it overlooks Everbach Lake on the grounds of our distillery. The three bedroom, two and a half bathroom, home away from home can welcome three bourbon lovers or three couples and comes equipped with a fully-stocked bar featuring premium bourbons, fireplace, backyard with cowboy cauldrons and nearby fishing docks.

Our stillhouse, built in 2012, is a replica of a 1930s stillhouse that showcases the bourbon-making process from start to finish. During your stay, you’ll also enjoy in-depth guided tours, bourbon tastings, and other unique elements including an original staircase from the distillery circa Prohibition, a bourbon bar with seasonal cocktails and restaurant that serves bourbon BBQ selections that are inspired from our family recipes.

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