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13th Colony Southern Bourbon Whiskey Review

Southern Bourbon Whiskey is distilled by 13th Colony Distilleries in Americus, GA. This small craft distillery started with the idea of making moonshine for friends and family for Christmas one year. It grew into a unique, handcrafted...

Kentucky Bourbon Distillery Tour Updates on COVID-19 (Complete Guide)

Not all bourbon distilleries in KY are reopened. Before you plan your trip, check out the information below and contact the bourbon distilleries you plan on visiting.

Every Smoke Wagon Bourbon Reviewed [Complete Guide]

Smoke Wagon bourbon was founded by Aaron Chepenik and Jonathan Hensleigh in 2012 as Nevada H&C Distilling Co. They source their bourbon from MGP using a 36% high rye bourbon mash bill. Chepenik was convinced you can develop a brand flavor profile using MGP's...

Best Bourbons Ranked for Every Budget [2021]

Bourbon is America's native spirit — that fact isn't up for debate. It was enshrined in law by Congress in 1964. Its popularity is booming and it doesn't seem like there's anything that can slow it down. According to the Kentucky's Distiller Associate, here are some...

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